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Matthew Zivich Exhibits ‘Americana’ paintings

Zivich overboard

Matthew Zivich (B.S.Des 1960), professor of art at Saginaw Valley State University, is exhibiting a group of his Americana” paintings at SVSU’s Wickes Hall. The exhibition is part of an effort by the President of SVSU to highlight the creative work of its art faculty. Zivich began teaching at SVSU in 1976 and is now the senior member in the department. 

The works on display are part of an ongoing series of paintings that reflect on the topic of Americana.” Each piece contains some elements of appropriated imagery from iconic art works of the past that pertain to America. His work is reminiscent of well-known historic imagery, as well as little-known imagery from past illustrators or folk artists. Zivich chooses appropriate imagery from several sources to create a new blend with a refreshing modern look without concealing the imagery of the past.

Zivich has taught a wide variety of courses at SVSU, including drawing, painting, and sculpture. This year, he won Grand Prize in the Stamps School’s Annual Alumni Exhibition for his painting Overboard,” which can be seen in the SVSU exhibition.