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Matt Kenyon Presents at Prindle Institute Symposium

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On April 10, Matt Kenyon presented Oil, War, and Houses: The Ethics of Aesthetics of Accumulation and Waste” at the Prindle Institute’s Value and Virtual Spaces Ethics Symposium, held at DePauw University.

Television and Internet use are probably the biggest time blocks of our daily lives as reported by the 2014 Internet Trends Report. In the United States, people spend an average of seven hours looking at screens daily. More specifically, that breaks down into a hundred and forty-seven minutes captivated by television, one hundred and three minutes glued to the computer, a hundred and fifty-one minutes attached to a smartphone, and forty-three minutes spent tablet in hand! In other words, almost half our waking hours are connected to screen use, and these hours continue to rise as technological advances fascinate society.

Although these technological advances come with many positives such as fast access to worldwide connections and information, the invasive power of technology may also have detrimental side effects to our society. From April 9th to the 11th, Value and Virtual Spaces honors symposium will host students from universities across the country where they will have the opportunity to present their best analytical/​creative work on the theme of the Symposium or other areas of related ethical concern.