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Matt Kenyon: “Meat Helmet” Featured

Meathelmet 11

Stamps Associate Professor Matt Kenyons Meat Helmet is featured in an article by Adam Fure in the latest issue of the journal Log.

Guest edited by architect Greg Lynn, Log 36: ROBOLOG explores the challenges and potentials posed to architecture by the rapidly accelerating field of robotics. Tossing aside the usual fabrication-focused discourse around robots, the 23 contributors to ROBOLOG investigate topics ranging from hyperrealistic robotic drag queens to machine vision to buildings that move.

Meat Helmet” is both a delightful provocation and a withering critique, At the standard rate of forced chewing, one would have to exercise” for eight hours a day in order to shed the calories from a single Big Mac. This fact underlies both food’s dubious nutritional value as well as the inanity of sedentary exertion. By fusing lifestyle and dietary choices within a single device, Meat Helmet is designed to reveal, rather than conceal, the contradictions inherent with health-conscious fast food.

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