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Matt Kenyon Interviewed in OZY

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OZY, an international online magazine that focuses on news, arts, and culture, features an interview with Stamps Associate Professor Matt Kenyon on work that includes the new project Giant Pool of Money. Giant Pool of Money investigates the impact of the destruction of public faith in the economy and personal fortune through the unique spectacle of material phase transition.

He’s happy, though, to talk about Giant Pool of Money, a sculpture related to the 2008 financial crisis. At its center is an 8‑foot-tall pyramid of Champagne glasses next to a conveyor belt rigged up to a change machine. A viewer can insert a dollar, and thus start a process: Quarters made from gallium, a metal with a low melting point, begin to drop into the glass at the top of the pyramid. The quarters melt, and ooze, and turn the color of mercury. They take on the aspect of toxicity, spreading.

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