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Martha Schwartz: Forbes’ 2021 "50 Over 50"

headshot of Martha Schwartz

Martha Schwartz (BFA 73, M. L. Arch. 78), has been named one of the 50 extraordinary women in Forbes’ 50 Over 50 project for her work in landscape architecture.

The 50 Over 50 project seeks to highlight and commend women over 50 years of age for their contributions to society in a variety of fields within the arts and sciences.

Actively involved in developing sustainability initiatives as well as adaptation and mitigation strategies regarding the climate crisis, Schwartz has long been an advocate for green development. In 1979, Schwartz founded Martha Schwartz Partners, a landscape architecture firm 

committed to the design of urban landscapes and the public realm as the foundation for sustainable cities that are healthy across all aspects and sectors of urban life.”

As a professor of Landscape Architecture and Faculty Associate of the Center for the Environment at Harvard, she continues to grow her body of work and shares her knowledge with others. Recognizing the severity of threats posed by climate change, she founded MAYDAY.Earth in 2020 and continues to develop the project. Stay tuned for more information as the site is currently under construction!