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Manos/Buckius Perform at New Media Caucus "Future Bodies" Symposium

Two figures, costumed in round green headgear, chat on a zoom screen

Presenting as The ManosBuckius Cooperative, Stamps Collegiate Lecturer Melanie Manos and Sarah Buckius (MFA 06) performed new work RE/SHE/DE CODE at Virginia Tech University for the New Media Caucus Future Bodies” Symposium.

RE/SHE/DE CODE addresses binary constructs of code and gender, google-searched representations of work, and both the historical leadership and devaluation of women’s labor in technology and non-technology fields. Wearing Icon of Woman” constructions, The MBC introduced absurdist speculations of alternative scenarios including refusing logic binaries (redefined as illogic), distorting techno-electronic purpose, and cooperatively engaging attendees. Manos presented in person, Buckius virtually via synchronous zoom, utilizing multi-screens, cameras, paper handouts, and bodies as presentation mechanisms, artistic conveyors and reality/​perception thwarters.

Learn more about the ManosBuckius Cooperative: manos​buck​ius​co​op​er​a​tive​.com.