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Maite Iribarren: Within Interdependence Exhibition

Within interdependence

Work by Stamps stu­dent Maite Irib­ar­ren (BA 19) is fea­tured in Within Inter­de­pen­dence, an exhi­bi­tion by Youn­gArts alumni, on view Octo­ber 2 — Decem­ber 13 at the Youn­gArts Jewel Box.

Con­sid­er­ing ideas of inter­de­pen­dence, inti­macy, and the body­mind, Within Inter­de­pen­dence weaves together works that focus on each artist’s con­nec­tion to their bod­ies in a rapidly chang­ing eco­log­i­cal, meta­phys­i­cal and social world. While enter­ing from numer­ous van­tage points, each selected work in the exhi­bi­tion attempts to draw out what inher­ently con­nects us to our­selves, the peo­ple around us, and the lands we live on. It is in this spirit of inter­de­pen­dence — an admis­sion that we can­not self-actu­al­ize with­out one another — that this exhi­bi­tion pulls together 20 artists.

Within Inter­de­pen­dence
Octo­ber 2 – Decem­ber 132019

Youn­gArts Jewel Box
2100 Bis­cayne Boulevard
1st Floor
Miami, Florida

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