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The M-Bassador Student Volunteer Program, Where Stampers and Alums Connect

The Penny W. Stamps School of Art & Design is proud to announce the M-Bassador Student Volunteer Program, bringing Stamps students and the school alumni community together in meaningful ways through mentoring, networking, and other events.

The M-Bassador Program plans to meet approximately two times per semester. During the first year of the program, students will implement, promote, and participate in school-supported networking opportunities and community engagement activities. As the program grows in future years, student M-Bassadors will envision new events and opportunities for collaboration and connection.

The program is voluntary and open to all Stamps students; those who have received donor-funded scholarships from Stamps are encouraged to consider opting into the program as a way to pay it forward. Interested students can opt-in by filling out this interest form. Membership for the full academic year is expected for participants.

Alums who are interested in connecting with student M-Bassadors and participating in future events can sign up to receive more information here.

During a Fall 2020 focus group, Stamps students expressed enthusiasm for the M-Bassador Program, noting the potential for networking, feedback, and simply getting to know Stamps alums on a personal level.

“The networking aspect alone is very important,” a Stamps student noted. “For example, it would be great to talk to alumni who live in a geographic area that you’re interested in moving to after graduation — and asking questions that can help you prepare for your move. Getting that opportunity could be huge.”

Seconding the power of networking, another Stamper noted, “It would be great if we could show our finished work, our work-in-progress, and our ideas in less formal settings. It would be really nice to have it feel like it’s just two creative people talking about an idea instead of a formal critique or portfolio review.”

Melissa Herter, Assistant Director of Annual Giving and Alumni Relations, is excited to help students and alumni connect through the program. “I hope that students will eagerly join this unique opportunity. The Wolverine Network is powerful — and here to help.”

Learn more about the M-Bassador program and express your interest today.