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Lush P(r)ose: Gisela McDaniel Solo Show

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Gisela McDaniel’s (BFA 19) debut solo exhibition, Lush P®ose” explores how female-identifying survivors of sexualized assault and violence create unique paths towards healing and reclaiming their own bodies.

By engaging in dialogue with survivors, McDaniel depicts their various narratives through surreal portraits in emotionally-charged paintings. Each of her paintings bravely share individual stories and themes that are also accompanied by audio samples collected during this process, which have been distorted and mixed in order to share their collective experiences.

Gisela McDaniel is a diasporic indigenous Chamoru feminist artist based in Detroit, MI. Her art explores how women who survive/​resist sexualized violence create unique paths towards healing and reclaiming their own bodies. 

As a survivor herself, McDaniel dialogues with indigenous, women of color, multiracial and immigrant women as a means to allow them to share their stories, heal from trauma, and explore how their experiences affect them physically and spiritually. As an indigenous Pacific Island woman, McDaniel is also interested in exploring connections between nature, displacement, and violence against women, asserting that these factors are not only deeply entwined but can also serve as a key to healing.

**TRIGGER WARNING: content includes sexual assault, violence** 

*DISCLAIMER: This exhibition contains sensitive material and topics including adult themes and content, including nudity, sexual assault and violence. Content may not be suitable for anyone under the age of 18. Please view at your own discretion.*

2845 Gratiot Avenue, Detroit, Michigan 48207
Exhibition: On view through July 132019.
Reception: July 15th 6 – 9pm