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Leila Mullison Makes Stop-Motion Animated Clips for Hometown

Arthur On Location

Stamps Student Leila Mullison has been making stop-motion animated clips for Farmington Michigan’s Grand Raven Festival. The clips feature Arthur, a raven puppet named after the city’s founder, in various locations across the city.

Mullison was inspired to make stop-motions on location during a Stamps semester abroad in London. To capture the details of the city in a unique and personalized way, Mullison started collecting stop-motion clips on location at tourist destinations. Despite COVID-19 complicating the trip abroad, news of the project traveled Mullison’s hometown. There, the Downtown Development Authority commissioned Mullison to make a series showing off the unique features of Downtown Farmington for their October Grand Raven Festival.

Meet the artist behind Arthur the Raven, a stop-motion animation series in downtown Farmington | sec​ond​wave​me​dia​.com