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Kristina Sheufelt: International Sculpture Center Award

tall stalks of reed grass in a wood and steel frame blur as they sway back and forth, creating a visual translation of physiological data
Kristina Sheufelt: a wind from noplace 

Kristina Sheufelt (MFA 22) was recently recognized by the International Sculpture Center for Outstanding Achievement in Contemporary Student Sculpture. The award was given in recognition of Sheufelt’s A Wind From Noplace, an interdisciplinary body of visual artworks, creative research, and writings surrounding her attempts to understand human ecology through a personal lens. In the making of these works, I attempted to uncover and transcribe the psychophysiological roots of my intimacy with land, flora, and fauna,” says Sheufelt. The piece was displayed at Stamps Gallery in 2022 as part of Close but not touching: the 2022 MFA Thesis Exhibition.

The ISC award is an incredible honor and very important to me at this moment in my life. I feel it makes my art and practice more credible to peers, potential employers, and myself. As a first-generation college graduate, this award is a reminder of what it took to get here. I look forward to seeing what doors this honor may open for me, and I am excited to showcase this body of work beyond Stamps.”