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Kelly Murdoch-Kitt’s Timely Book Published

Denielle and Kelly Routledge 2

Stamps Assistant Professor Kelly Murdoch-Kitt recently published her first book, Intercultural Collaboration by Design: Drawing from Differences, Distances, and Disciplines Through Visual Thinking (Routledge, 2020). Co-authored with Murdoch-Kitt’s research partner, Associate Professor Denielle Emans at Virginia Commonwealth University in Qatar and illustrated by Tammi Heneveld, this timely book introduces a new process for collaborating across cultures and learning to use multicultural perspectives to enhance goal-setting, productivity, and strong collaboration across diverse teams.

Based on their ongoing study of remote collaboration among intercultural teams, which began in 2012, Intercultural Collaboration by Design offers a variety of visual thinking activities organized into a framework called the Six Dimensions of Intercultural Teamwork.”

Through the activities highlighted in this book, teams will find a practical route for initiating and sustaining productive work across different fields of study, professions, national borders, and other cultural or social differences. Teams can craft a plan to achieve their goals by selecting the activities that best meet their needs and interests. 

With over 30 hands-on activities, Intercultural Collaboration by Design will be of great interest to diverse teams from a variety of disciplines who want to enhance intercultural learning and co-working. Whether in the classroom or workplace, the activities are appropriate for a variety of collaboration contexts and could be particularly useful in this moment when so many jobs and courses have moved online.

We hope that this book will contribute to the global momentum around intercultural learning while also advocating for inclusive decision-making and working processes,” says Murdoch-Kitt. Murdoch-Kitt and Emans recently spoke about their book on panels at the 2020 College Art Association, where they celebrated the launch of their book with a reception attended by Stamps faculty, alumni, colleagues, and friends.

To learn more about the book, new research, and upcoming events, follow the project at orbit​-project​.com and @TheORBITProject on Instagram and Twitter.