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Kelly Murdoch-Kitt Provides Tips for Remote Learning, Working

Murdoch kitt2

Stamps Assistant Professor Kelly Murdoch-Kitt provided tips for working and learning remotely in a recent Michigan News article.

Kelly Murdoch-Kitt…is a user experience designer and educator focused on people, systems and interpersonal interactions. She discusses tactics for remote learning and working, many of which are taken from a book that she recently co-authored titled Intercultural Collaboration by Design,” which covers more than 30 visual thinking activities that help support online collaboration across borders…

[Murdoch-Kitt states] Remote working and learning was already a growing trend before COVID-19. There’s a mental pivot that you need to do when you are suddenly in a situation where you don’t see people’s faces on a regular basis. You need to give yourself an opportunity to rethink your workflow — what can be done alone and what needs to be done together?’”

Murdoch-Kitt was also quoted in an article by the Detroit Free Press about the current shift to remote work.

For all her recommendations for remote working and learning, view the full Michigan News article.