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Karen Klein Exhibits at NCRC Rotunda Gallery


Ecological Fiction, work by Karen Klein (BS 64), will be on exhibit at the North Campus Research Complex Rotunda Gallery January 25 — May 03, 2019. Ecological Fiction contains custom, free standing cabinets, wall-hung cabinets, repurposed clock case cabinets and drawings in watercolor and color pencil. The subject matter addresses theories about the Lives of Birds and Insects and observations of interesting aspects of the earth and sky. 

Karen Anne Klein uses images of natures to tell stories. The birds, flowers and insects she chooses for her compositions have symbolic meanings and mythological associations. There is always more there than meets the eye. Drawing directly from life, from specimens found in natural history museums, Klein creates beautifully realistic works that incorporate a touch of whimsy and wonder.

Ecological Fiction
Exhibition Dates: January 25, 2019 to May 032019
Exhibition Reception: January 252019
Rotunda Gallery | North Campus Research Complex
2800 Plymouth Road, Building 18
Ann Arbor, Michigan 48109 – 2800

Ecological Fiction | North Campus Research Complex