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Juliet Hinely: New Podcast for Michigan Radio and NPR

Believed Podcast Tile FINAL

Stamps alumna Juliet Hinely (MFA 14) is producing the first podcast collaboration for Michigan Radio and NPR

Believed is an 8‑part podcast series about the women who brought down Larry Nassar, the former olympics sports doctor found guilty of sexually abusing young girls and patients for more than twenty years. Believed digs in to how Larry Nassar got away with it for so long, and how a team of women — a detective, a prosecutor, and an army of survivors — won justice in one of the largest serial sexual abuse cases in U.S. history. It’s also an unnerving exploration of how even well-meaning adults can fail to believe.

Through profound first-hand survivor and parent stories, police and expert interviews, previously unreleased surveillance audio, and deeply investigative reporting, Believed shows listeners how so many parents missed it” and how you could have missed it too. The series asks a deceptively simple question: What does it take to be believed?”

Believed is reported and hosted by Kate Wells and Lindsey Smith, the two Michigan Radio reporters who have been reporting on the case since it broke in 2016. The production team is completed by Executive Producer Jennifer Guerra, Senior Producer Juliet Hinely, Associate Producer Paulette Parker, and Senior Editor Sarah Hulett. The show is mixed and mastered by Bob Skon. 

Believed is the first podcast produced by Michigan Radio. With the series being distributed by NPR, it also marks the first time NPR will distribute a station-produced podcast. NPR podcasts are heard by over 16 million listeners every month.

Believed launched on Monday October 22nd: new episodes will come out weekly. Find Believed wherever you get your podcasts.

Since graduating from the Stamps MFA program in 2014, Juliet has created immersive and interactive audio tours for Detour in San Francisco, produced comedy and education podcasts for Audible, and edited, produced and sound designed a number of independent podcasts and audio works. She is based in Ypsilanti, Michigan where she is a freelance story producer, co-curates the live listening event series Radio Campfire, and hosts a small audio artist residency called The Listen Inn.

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