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Julie Hodge: Teaching Growth Mindset Through Storytelling


Stamps alumna Julie Hodge (BFA 03) has written and illustrated the new children’s book Swamptastic. The book is based on the growth mindset work of Carol Dweck and was published in March 2020.

In Swamptastic!, the main character undertakes a transformation from a fixed to a growth mindset. He learns that obstacles and setbacks are temporary. He realizes that if you keep focused on the steps you need to achieve your goals, and continue to move forward, that everything can be Swamptastic!

Julie Hodge is a painter, photographer, illustrator, and writer focused on creating works that engage, inspire and spark conversations. Her work is heavily inspired by her early struggles with dyslexia. Being undiagnosed, she had to find creative work arounds. Those early struggles led her to be passionate about the opportunities a person can have when they have a positive, growth mindset.

If you are interested in seeing more of Hodge’s work, follow her here.