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Julia Kim Smith Exhibits at Fuse Art Space, Bradford, UK

Why kim smith

Why, a video from Baltimore-based artist Julia Kim Smith (MFA 1986), will exhibit in Exquisite Corpse, curated by Sarah Faraday at Fuse Art Space, Bradford, UK. Exhibiting artists: Anastasia Vepreva​, Evelin Stermitz, Faith Holland, Julia Kim Smith, Kate Durbin,​Lacie Garnes, Poppy Jackson, Rupi Kaur, Sarah Faraday​, Sheena Patel, Sue Williams.

Exquisite Corpse​explores female form, self-image and stereotypes from the perspective of eleven female artists. Through video, painting, performance and illustration, the exhibition also considers the potential of contemporary technology as a tool to examine female self­ identity and evaluates the impact that it has upon constructs of femininity’.

Internationally acclaimed visual and performance artist Poppy Jackson​explores the female body as an autonomous zone, and has produced a new performance work commissioned by Fuse Art Space; she will also be exhibiting a series of paintings. Based in Toronto, Rupi Kaur​found notoriety as the poet who critiqued Instagram earlier this year with her period.”​series — these photographs feature in the show. Delicate and charged illustrations from Sue Williams​draw the viewer into a world of provocative sexual politics. The exhibition also includes work by artists from Austria, Russia, UK and US including Anastasia Vepreva​, Evelin Stermitz, Faith Holland, Julia Kim Smith, Kate Durbin,​Lacie Garnes, Sarah Faraday​and Sheena Patel.

The internet poses significant problems in female representation, from pornography to the use of female form in advertising and notably the use of sexually violent language as a form of censorship and aggression towards female expression”, comments the exhibition’s curator Sarah Faraday​. Exquisite Corpse presents an array of female artists using both online and material forms for creativity, empowerment, and subversion, whilst reclaiming control of the representation of their bodies”.

Exquisite Corpse
Fuse Art Space
7 Rawson Place, Bradford BD1 3JP, United Kingdom
July 16 — October 3; Opening Party: July 16 7:00pm