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Julia Callis: Solo Show at Public Pool Art Space


Bread and Clutter, a solo exhibition by Julia Callis (BFA 16), opens on November 10 at Public Pool Art Space in Hamtramck, MI

For all we consume and what consumes us. Bread and Clutter draws on the intimacy between person and object. A scene translating the evolution of thoughts, conversations, and mundane objects, deemed precious solely based on their impact within the experience. 

Leavening Agency: permeate and modify or transform (something) for the better.

Julia Callis: Bread and Clutter
Exhibition Dates: November 10-December 152018
Opening Reception: November 10, 7 – 11pm
Special Performance: November 17 at 5pm — A Relationship With You, by Anya Klapischak of The Hosting. 2635 Caniff, Hamtramck.

Public Pool, 3309 Caniff, Hamtramck
The gallery is open to the public on Saturdays from 1 – 6pm or by appointment: julia.​fcallis@​gmail.​com