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Julia Callis: Solo Exhibition at Popps Emporium

Stamps Dinner Detail

Julia Callis: Solo Exhibition at Popps Emporium

Dinner at the Fauvist Slum, a solo exhibition of work by Julia Callis (BFA 2016), is on view through the month of October at Popps Emporium in Detroit.

Julia Callis was trained as a printmaker at the University of Michigan and has more recently taken to painting as her primary art form. Native Detroiter and current resident, Callis documents her daily encounters in bizarrely worded, tactile poems that can often be considered alternate iterations of her paintings.

Dinner at the Fauvist Slum” references the soft, fleshy palette in conjunction with the de-sensualized nudity undertones found in the details of Callis’s paintings. She speaks of them as casually-hued retellings of her experiences; similar to that of a conversation over dinner with friends. 

Popps Emporium is associated with the artist in resident program and gallery space of Popps Packing.

Dinner at the Fauvist Slum by Julia Callis
Popps Emporium
2025 Carpenter St
Detroit, Michigan, MI 48212