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Josh Mannis: 2017 New York NADA Artadia Award

Image: Josh Mannis, Going Through the Rough Way, 2017 

At the NADA New York fair in March, Los Angeles-based artist Josh Mannis (BFA 1999) took home the New York NADA Artadia Award.

Mannis, who has had shows at M+B and Thomas Solomon Gallery in Los Angeles and the late, lamented Know More Games in Brooklyn (with the great Becky Howland), was selected by the Hirshhorn Museum’s curator at large, Gianni Jetzer, and the Jewish Museum’s assistant curator, Rebecca Shaykin. In a statement, the two jurors lauded the artist’s effortless combination of art history tracing an arc from Neue Sachlichkeit to Sinister Pop,” which is countered by postcard views of American politics. The protagonists of his paintings live in a feverish dream that is fueled by conspiracy and ultimately violence.” (Which sounds a lot like the present, actually.)

Josh Mannis Picks Up 2017 New York NADA Artadia Award | ArtNews