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Jordyn Fishman: ArtPrize 9 at the Grand Rapids Art Museum

September 19, 2017

Penny Stamps School of Art & Design junior Jordyn Fishman will be exhibiting her work, Income Inequality, Imagine, at the Grand Rapids Art Museum in ArtPrize 9.  The exhibition is on display from September 13 - October 15, 2017.

Income Inequality, Imagine
We all have to step back and look what we’ve done. And I say “we” cause it’s not one. This world runs on money and power. It starts at the home and where that’s at. Whether it’s concrete or grass, it’s all based on class, separated by color, collar, and dollar. The lines separating our yards are the same ones that guard the access to great education in this nation. Keeping the people from learning keeps them from earning. If you don’t have the proper label, sometimes you can’t get a job that’s stable. It’s unequal opportunity that prevents us from finding unity. We strive and thrive for paper that’s not real. We got sucked into this big game and it’s a shame. Don’t blame but let’s find a new name. A name called Love. What if we could run off this? I know they’ve tried. But I’m going to give my best shot cause this is all we got. Unclench that fist, there is no order and no borders. Join us and maybe we can find more unity from community to community.

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Jordyn Fishman: Income Inequality, Imagine
September 13 - October 15, 2017
Grand Rapids Art Museum
101 Monroe Center
Grand Rapids, MI 49503


Jordyn Fishman: ArtPrize 9 at the Grand Rapids Art Museum