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9/21 John Lewis “March” Talk Rescheduled to 11/27


Due to an emergency meeting of the Congressional Black Caucus, the Thursday, September 21 Penny Stamps Speaker Series event featuring Congressman John Lewis and MARCH co-creators Andrew Aydin and Nate Powell was postponed earlier this month. We are excited to announce a rescheduled date and a larger venue for the talk: Monday, November, 27 at 7 pm in Ann Arbor’s Hill Auditorium (825 N. University Ave.). This free and public event will offer open seating on a first come, first serve basis. Full information: http://​stamps​.umich​.edu/​s​t​a​m​p​s​/​d​e​t​a​i​l​/​j​o​h​n​-​lewis

Additionally, there will be a free public screening of Get In the Way on Thursday, September 21 at 5:10 pm in the Michigan Theater. This 2017 PBS documentary chronicles the life and work of Congressman John Lewis and is presented in partnership with Detroit Public Television (DPTV). More on the screening: http://​stamps​.umich​.edu/​s​t​a​m​p​s​/​d​e​t​a​i​l​/​s​c​r​e​e​n​i​n​g​_​g​e​t​_​i​n​_​t​h​e_way

The keynote talk is co-presented by the International Institute’s Conflict and Peace Initiative and the King-Chavez-Parks Visiting Professors Program. The Conflict and Peace Initiative is funded by the International Institute Enterprise Fund. Its focus is to build a cross-disciplinary approach to peace and conflict studies that engages, challenges, and inspires new audiences. The Conflict and Peace Initiative is hosting meet-ups with MARCH illustrator Nate Powell on Tuesday, November 28 as well as a series of Fall 2017 social justice events, including a comics contest. Details of these events will be announced on the Marching Forward website: https://​sites​.lsa​.umich​.edu/​m​a​r​c​h​i​n​g​f​o​r​ward/

About the Speaker Series Event

Congressman John Lewis, Andrew Aydin, and Nate Powell: MARCH
Monday, November, 27, 7 pm – Hill Auditorium
John Lewis is a civil rights leader and an American politician, serving Georgia’s 5th district since 1987. In 2013, Lewis co-wrote MARCH, a three-part graphic novel trilogy about the story of his civil rights activism with Andrew Aydin; the novel is illustrated by Nate Powell. More: http://​stamps​.umich​.edu/​s​t​a​m​p​s​/​d​e​t​a​i​l​/​j​o​h​n​-​lewis