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John Kannenberg: “Why Listen to Museums?” at the National Gallery, London

Kannenberg nationalgallery

Stamps alum John Kannenberg (MFA 2012) was recently invited by the National Gallery in London to give a gallery talk about his ongoing research into the sonic experience of museums as part of his PhD course at the University of the Arts London. Why Listen to Museums?” discussed topics ranging from the sounds of narrative paintings, the process of making sound maps, psithurism (the sound of wind moving through trees), and even an anecdote about an encounter with security at the Egyptian Museum in Cairo that occurred during John’s International Travel experience while studying at Stamps.

A recording of the talk can be heard here: https://​sound​cloud​.com/​j​o​h​n​k​a​n​n​e​n​b​e​r​g​/​w​h​y​-​l​i​s​t​e​n​-​t​o​-​m​u​seums
A transcript of the talk is available here: http://​phonom​ne​sis​.com/​2015​/​09​/​05​/​w​h​y​-​l​i​s​t​e​n​-​t​o​-​m​u​s​eums/

John’s talk was delivered as part of the closing ceremonies for the National Gallery’s recent major exhibition, Soundscapes,” which featured sound works by artists including Turner Prize winner Susan Phillipsz, Chris Watson, Gabriel Yared, and Janet Cardiff and George Bures Miller.