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Joe Trumpey, Carbon Neutrality Town Hall Featured in Michigan Daily

Trumpey Straw2
Professor Joe Trumpey at the construction site for the off-the-grid, straw bale house that his Green Building class erected at the U‑M Biological Station in Pellston, Michigan in 2017

On Tuesday, February 4th, Stamps Associate Professor Joe Trumpey hosted the Campus Carbon Neutrality Communication and Culture Town Hall to discuss options for improving the University’s sustainability efforts.

Joseph Trumpey, Art & Design associate professor, the host of the town hall, said its purpose was to focus on how student organizations can help achieve carbon neutrality within their own groups, but also across campus. 

I think the main question here is, What is the culture of U‑M, the institution? How does it relate to student organizations and student life on campus, and what can be improved to make carbon neutrality a mission that you feel is shared, that the University is supporting you, and you’re supporting the University, and everything moves forward?’” Trumpey said.

Town hall explores carbon neutrality solutions for University | Michigan Daily