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Jocelyn Edin: Painting the Ann Arbor Art Fair

In a partnership with A4 (All About Ann Arbor), artist, graphic designer, and Stamps alumna Jocelyn Edin (BFA 99) will create two plein air scenes at the Ann Arbor Art Fair this week. All proceeds will go toward the four nonprofits that put on the event each year: The Ann Arbor Summer Art Fair, The Ann Arbor Street Art Fair, The Original, The State Street Art Fair and The South University Art Fair.

You may know her by her Instagram account Garden of Edin, or her poster designs for the Ann Arbor Folk Festival. 

Jocelyn Edin has deep roots in this town, and it all began when she was a student at the University of Michigan.

I decided to come to U of M because it was a family tradition,” said Edin. My dad went here, my mom went here and my grandparents.”

Her father, an artist, was a high school art teacher. She took his classes and says that art runs in her family’s blood.

Meet local artist and graphic designer Jocelyn Edin | A4 — All About Ann Arbor