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Joanne Leonard Featured on Focal Point Podcast

Focal Point Real

Joanne Leonard, Diane M. Kirkpatrick and Griselda Pollock Distinguished University Professor at the Stamps School of School of Art & Design, was recently featured on Focal Point, a podcast from Columbia College Chicago that explores the artists, themes, and processes that define — and sometimes disrupt — the world of contemporary photography. 

For episode #5 of Focal Point, Leonard talks with photographer Melissa Pinney and the Museum of Contemporary Photography’s (MoPC) curator of academic programs and collections, Kristin Taylor. Leonard and Pinney discuss works in the MoCP’s permanent collection by Elinor Carucci and Ruth Thorne-Thomsen, as well as their thoughts on photographing the lives of their daughters, feminism, and how they navigate depicting both personal and political subjects.

Episode 5: Joanne Leonard and Melissa Ann Pinney | wcrx​.colum​.edu