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Joan Rosenberg-Dent and Francis Scorzelli: Collaborative Exhibition


Joan Rosenberg-Dent (BFA 1978), a sculptor, and Francis Scorzelli, a painter, have collaborated in a series of pieces inspired by Santa Barbara’s urban landscape that will be featured in a GraySpace Gallery exhibition this September. 

Each work has been molded by both artists simultaneously, yet independently in each artist’s respective studio. In some instances, individual elements or entire pieces were created in Joan’s studio and then painted in Fran’s. In others, the painting and sculpture were created separately then joined together for completion.

This collaboration began when Joan’s sculpture was placed next to Fran’s painting in a juried show. It was obvious to the artists that there was a connection, as the forms in Joan’s sculptures mimicked the painted shapes on Fran’s canvas. The artists had never before met, yet recognized creative potential as they contemplated this collaboration. 

This series opens at GraySpace in Santa Barbara’s’ Funk Zone Arts District, where the entirety of the gallery will be transformed into one of Santa Barbara’s city streets.

Abstractions, Contractions, Intersections”
Opening Reception: September 23, 5 — 8 pm
Exhibition Dates: September 2 — November 20

GraySpace Gallery
219 Gray Ave
Santa Barbara, CA 93101