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Jill Wagner: UMMA Profile

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Ann Arbor artist and Stamps alum Jill Wagner (BFA 1978) is featured in a new UMMA Facebook profile.

I like to drive around until I see something that is breathtaking, and then I paint it,” says Jill Wagner, an Ann Arbor artist who specializes in plein air painting.

En plein air is French for in full air.” It’s a type of painting style in which artists paint outside (and paint quickly in order to capture the image in front of them before the light changes).

Wagner is attracted to this style of painting because of its spontaneity and authenticity. My whole goal is to paint what I see — to document what our lives are like right now.” She enjoys capturing a moment that is fleeting — preserving it through art.

Jill Wagner: Chasing Light | UMMA: University of Michigan Museum of Art | Facebook