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Jessica Frelinghuysen Awarded Joan Mitchell Foundation 2016 Emerging Artist Grant

Frelinghuysen Sound Collecting Suit long

Stamps Lecturer Jessica Frelinghuysen is among ten national recipients of the Joan Mitchell Fountation’s 2016 Emerging Artist Grant. This program will provide each artist with an unrestricted grant of $12,000 each and professional support.

To identify artist nominees, the Foundation engaged nominators nationally to recommend artists who they felt met the criteria of this pilot program. Then, a secondary independent jury panel met this fall and selected the ten grant recipients through an anonymous review process. Nominators and jurors included visual artists, curators, and individuals from arts organizations and the academic community. 

About the Emerging Artist Grant Program

The Foundation seeks to award emerging visual artists who demonstrate excellence in their work, a commitment to their careers and artistic communities, and a willingness to engage in the varied support provided by this program. The Foundation defines emerging” as those early in their artistic careers (regardless of age), who are gaining momentum, and may be at a critical juncture in their career when this support would be the most impactful. These artists demonstrate potential in their practice through risk-taking and pushing their work in dynamic ways, and are not yet considered well established professionally by indicators such as major gallery representation, significant exhibition history, awards and commissions, or sustaining an income derived solely from art sales.

The combination of unrestricted funding and supplemental professional development programming is intended to further recipients’ artistic practice, encourage career sustainability, and best equip them to make their own artistic choices and forge a unique career path. Recipients will have the opportunity to build relationships with one another, the Foundation, and an expansive community of arts professionals.

About the Joan Mitchell Foundation

Established in 1993, the Joan Mitchell Foundation is an artist-endowed non-profit organization based in New York City. The Foundation celebrates the legacy of the painter, Joan Mitchell, and expands her vision to support the aspirations and development of diverse contemporary artists. We work to broaden the recognition of artists and their essential contributions to communities and society.

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