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Jennifer Krause Chapeau Interviewed in Zoneone Arts

Colza Field II 26x34 inches 768x590

In a new interview published by Zoneone Arts, Jennifer Krause Chapeau (BFA 1984) discusses her paintings, her career as a scene painter in film and television, and her experience as one of two USA finalists in the Luxembourg Art Prize.

Find out more at her website: http://​www​.jkrausecha​peau​.com/

I am primarily inspired by qualities of light, and color, and those are of course a product of the weather. I am partial to fog, I love the way it minimalizes the landscape, making parts disappear off into nothingness. And of course cloudy skies create an endless array of colors and moods, from glorious to ominous, that I just can’t resist painting.

Jennifer Krause Chapeau | Zoneone Arts