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Jaye Schlesinger Reviewed in Hyperallergic

Jaye Schlesinger (MFA 76, painting and MFA 88, medical illustration) recently received coverage in Hyperallergic for Possession, a pop-up exhibition in the University of Michigan Institute for the Humanities’ Common Room. 

Over the course of two years, artist Jaye Schlesinger embarked on a project to consider every one of her personal possessions, deciding whether to keep them or let them go. After selling, recycling, or donating everything that failed to make the cut (or, in the current parlance of stuff-purging, failed to spark joy”), Schlesinger reified her relationship with her remaining possessions by depicting every single one of them as the subject of a small-scale oil painting, numbering 380 in total.

After Purging Her Possessions, an Artist Paints What Remained | Hyperallergic