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Jason Polan Profiled in The New York Times

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Jason Polan (BFA 2005) is featured in a New York Times profile that looks at his open-ended project to illustrate Every Person in New York.”

One recent sunny Thursday afternoon in SoHo, the artist Jason Polan sat on the scaffolding-shaded steps of an upscale health club to continue his quest to sketch the entire population of New York. Noticing a young woman in a billowy black blouse talking on her cellphone a few feet away, Mr. Polan loosed a heavy-point black Uni Ball onto a small drawing pad in long, nimble strokes.

Although this particular sketch was destined for his blog, many have appeared in The Times, where Mr. Polan has been a contributor since 2008. His latest project is a series depicting the many ways to read a newspaper and appears on Page A3 daily. Today’s illustration is No. 131.

His blog, which occasionally intersects with The Times, is an open-ended collection that he calls Every Person in New York.” For nearly 10 years Mr. Polan has commemorated stray moments within the routines of the city’s millions of inhabitants, an undertaking he began in 2008 to improve his drawing skills and to create a project that included everyone.”

Jason Polan Sketches a City in Perpetual Motion