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James Leacock’s Multiform Studios: Shaping Museum Experiences


Multiform Studios, an artifact-mounting business owned by James Leacock (MFA 1981) has worked on exhibitions and installations at museums around the country in 2017 – 18, including The Revolutionary War Museum at Yorktown (Yorktown, VA), The Museum of the American Revolution (Philadelphia, PA), The Museum of the Bible (Washington, D.C.), and the 911 Tribute Center, (New York, NY). Leacock recently spoke with CBC News on his current work at the Royal Alberta Museum (Edmonton, Alberta, Canada), which will open in 2018.

Creating custom mounts for nearly 5,300 artifacts at the new Royal Alberta Museum sounds like tedious work, but it’s a dream project for a man who has worked in museums across the U.S.

Multiform Studios, an artifact-mounting business based out of Michigan, is responsible for creating custom mounts for close to 5,300 items in the new downtown Edmonton museum.

It probably has a wider scope than any other project I’ve ever worked on when you look at the ethnographics; you look at the timeline; you look at the variety of types of artifacts,” said James Leacock, owner of Multiform Studios.

Take a sneak peek inside the new Royal Alberta Museum | CBC News