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Jack Kornet’s Wellnest App Featured


Stamps alum Jack Kornet (BFA 20) was featured on the Michigan Ross website, alongside Tommy Searle (BCS 20), Drew Pilat (BBA 20), and Mars Hovasse (BA 20). These four U‑M alums are co-founders of Wellnest, a self care journaling app aimed at college students that leverages game design to make self-care fun and accessible. 

Wellnest officially launched in December 2020. Before launching, the company established a partnership with Boston University. When the partnership began, Wellnest was still in beta testing. The goal of the partnership was to onboard as many BU students as possible so that they could collect feedback about the app. 

Eighty percent of users rated Wellnest as excellent’ and 90% said they would recommend Wellnest to a friend. This was very validating for us, knowing that Wellnest is really helping people,” Pilat said. 

Pilat revealed that Wellnest will be the first journaling app to reach the size of Headspace and Calm, and the company’s goal is to become bigger than both of these apps. The company’s future goals include looking to secure more paid partnerships with universities.

Michigan Ross Alum Launches Self-Care Journaling App Aimed at College Students | michi​gan​ross​.umich​.edu