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Isabelle Wilson's "The Artist Quilt"

A Green, Dendritic, Collaborative Project

The Artist Quilt (2022) is a collaborative project created by Isabelle Wilson (BFA 20) that links artists from around the world in a green, dendritic, mixed-media quilt. The project explores the ways in which we can create physical connections with other makers, especially while dealing with the isolation of COVID-19, to make a growing and communal piece of art. The Artist Quilt was created to highlight the strength of our community, even if we’re not able to be in the same physical space.

The Artist Quilt is on view through summer 2022 in the Stamps School of Art and Design, and will be on display in the Chicagoland area in the fall of 2022.

A large green quilt on display in a glass case

Isabelle writes:

It began in January 2022, when I emailed all of my fellow makers. If they were interested in the project, I mailed them a square of canvas and a description of the quilt. Every square needed to be green, dendritic, and any medium. The artists then mailed their pieces back to me by March 1, 2022. I sewed all of the squares together both with a sewing machine and by hand.

I must extend a huge Thank You to all of my collaborators. They responded to the prompt with enthusiasm and created an amazing variety of work. All of the people involved in this project have been connected to me as a teacher, fellow student, mentor, mentee, friend, friend-of-a-friend, or family member. Thirty-six of the artists are University of Michigan alums. There are artists from six countries, sixteen states, and thirty-seven cities/​towns for a total of eighty-nine makers. Together, they showcase the strength of community and connecting with our fellow artists.

Collaborating Artists

Names in bold are University of Michigan alumni:

Aki Ginory, Alli Goresky, Andrea Ingmire, Andrea Morgante, Ashleigh Walczak, Ashley Moon, Bailey Miller, Bane Srdjevic, Bennett Preskill, Bob Zuber, Cameron Hanlon, Carol Shukur, Cassie Hoisington, Connor Cook, Daisy Hall, Drew Ramacher, Eden Williams, Elissa Morgante, Emily Considine, Emily Koffsky, Erin Mckenna, Fee Christoph, Fiona Tien, Francesca Carlow, Fred Wilson, Grace Fessler, Grace Giordano, Grant George, Hannah Wilson, Hy Wolfe, Issy Brand, J Whitaker, Jenna Tanner, Jennifer Schretter, John Leonard, John Powell, Jonah Shifrin, Joseph Mandel, Julie Rhee, Juliet Gunther, Kai Hamill, Karin Eig, Kat O’Reilly, Kathryn Church, Katie Schretter, Kayla Grugin, Kim Kolasa, Laine Stern, Laura Church, Liana Smale, Liz Doyle, Louie Lybrook, Lyra Ingmire, Marjorie Gaber, Marnie Schrader, Melody Cutting, Miriam Lefkowitz, Mitchell Fortman, Mitch Rankin, Naomi Frankel, Nathan Reiff, Natalie Giannos, Noah Block, Olivia Kinker, Ophelia Deng, Oscar Pankoke, Pareese Young, Patrick Nair, Peter Walton, Quynn Sisto, Robin Miller, Rose Jaffe, Roy Schmidt, Ryan Sowulewski, Sasha Montes de Oca, Sharone Goodman, Sherri Simpson, Shira Nathan, Sophie Hullinger, Steph Bloom, Susan Kaempfer-Reed, Talia Harrington, Theresa Goudy, Tommy Vossler, Tomoe Yunoki, Willem Kupets, Zach Kaplan, Zion Jackson