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Irina Aristarkhova Gives Melbourne Gallery Talk

An abstract drawing of teeth and gums on textured paper

In conjunction with Mithu Sen’s retrospective solo exhibition mOTHERTONGUE, Stamps Professor Irina Aristarkhova will give a gallery talk that will address the major themes and works of the exhibition. 

Aristarkhova has written extensively on Sen’s practice and will take the exhibition’s title mOTHERTONGUE as a proposition to discuss the materiality of language and how Sen’s work operates within the concepts of the mother and the other. Connecting the personal characteristic of language acquisition with the political context of speaking for and on behalf of others,’ Aristarkhova will also address the central theme in Sen’s work – hospitality – and its critique, as well as questions that Sen raises about the art world and its institutions. 

Floor Talk with Irina Aristarkhova
3 pm Saturday, April 22, 2023
Australian Center for Contemporary Art (ACCA), Melbourne, Australia.