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Irina Aristarkhova and Guna Nadarajan Participate in Two Conferences in Athens, Greece

Greece 201504
Ellen K. Levy — Brooklyn Slimemold 

On Friday April 24, Irina Aristarkhova and Guna Nadarajan are keynote speakers at BioArt: Borders and definitions. Research project for the development of a widely accepted deontological framework of its production and management” at the Technological Educational Institute of Athens. Nadarajan will be speaking on Bio-art and New Media Art”, while Aristarkhova will be presenting on Bio-art: Feminist Perspectives.”

Aristarkhova and Nadarajan will also be participating in Chance. Resistance to the art object-the resistance of the art object” at the Athens School of Fine Arts. Drawing on Virilio’s text Strategy of Deception (Verso), Nadarajan, Aristarkhova, Ellen K. Levy, Marta De Menezes, Luis Graca, Assimina Kaniari, and contributing art historians and artists at ASFA will consider strategies of chance in contemporary artistic practice and theory.