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Holly Hughes Performs at Theatre Confrontations Festival in Lublin, Poland

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Stamps Professor Holly Hughes will perform her show, Clit Notes, at the Theatre Confrontations Festival in Lublin, Poland, October 7 — 18

Since its inception, Theatre Confrontations Festival has undermined and exploded the limits of theatre, plotting out new ways of thinking about its role, meaning, and primary objectives. Established 20 years ago by the founders of the Lublin theatre avant-garde: Janusz Opryński, Włodzimierz Staniewski, and Leszek Mądzik, the festival has from its outset sought solutions and ideas distinct from those which prevail in mainstream theatre, in this way proving that the dramatic theatre model is not the only conceivable one. Confrontations is a festival rooted in the tradition of independent, avant-garde, political theatre, and it continues to seek out such theatre to this day. 

The programme of the 20th edition of the Festival focuses on three themes that overlap in a diverse, often surprising, ways.

1. The political dimension of art. Also of the censored one. We will present distinctly political, critical artists that force to think and open new contexts but at the same time we will reveal the social and economic context of their work.

2. Performing arts. For yet another time we will invite Lublin’s audience to performances that broaden the theatre formula in a fascinating, surprising way, offer a new way of thinking about theatre language, thus questioning the model of dramatic, repertoir theatre as the only one possible.

3. Independence. Theatre Confrontations were founded 20 years ago as a festival of independent, avant-garde, searching theatre. What is independence today? Independence from what, whom? An alternative to what we want to create today?

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