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Holly Hughes Organizes Nation-Wide Day of Performance Protests on 2/20/2017


Stamps School and School of Music, Theatre & Dance professor Holly Hughes is an integral member of BAD AND NASTY (aka Bad Hombres and Nasty Women”), a loose-knit coalition of over 1,700 international artists, activists, media makers, theater folk, web geeks, designers, performers, writers, and citizens concerned by the outcome of the 2016 Presidential Election. 

The collective has organized a day of performance protests and art action to unfold on February 20, 2017 entitled NOT MY PRESIDENTSDAY. To ensure maximum participation from all corners of the globe, the collective has released a DIY toolkit for local community organizers to promote and adapt the event to meet the needs of their community and available venues. Interested parties are encouraged to create an event or re-brand an already scheduled performance as a Bad and Nasty” initiative through marketing or by adding a talkback session. 

The kit is available to download from badand​nasty​.com, where audiences and performance protesters can also find a comprehensive and continuously evolving map of where events will unfold. 

NOT MY PRESIDENTSDAY also maintains an active social media presence. Follow the group for their latest updates, invitations, and instigations. 

Facebook: @badandnastyevents
Twitter: @badnastyevents
Tumblr: @badandnastyevents
Instagram: @badnastyevents
YouTube: badandnasty