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Holly Hughes: Huffington Post Interview

2016 01 06 1452051382 6651932 upwardlymobilehome thumb
Upwardly Mobile Home with Split Britches’ Lois Weaver, Peggy Shaw, and Deb Margolin; photo by Eva Weiss 

Stamps and School of Music, Theatre & Dance Professor Holly Hughes was interviewed in The Huffington Post about her new University of Michigan Press book, Memories of the Revolution.” The book explores her experience working and performing at WOW Café in the 1980s.

Compiled by iconic East Village writer-performers Holly Hughes and Carmelita Tropicana and writer Jill Dolan, Memories’ essays, fly-on-the-wall interviews, and play excerpts vividly re-create the early years of the WOW Café, where epic resourcefulness and sheer nerve produced works of audacity and wit. WOW’s name should be legend to all who love theater that upends conventions, but most media missed their chance to recognize the revolution taking place at the intersection of brazenness and art.

The Untold Story of America’s Wildest Theater Company