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Heidi Kumao’s Video in NYC Gallery

Kumao NYC 2014

Heidi Kumaos latest experimental short video, Swallowed Whole” is currently on exhibit at Lesley Heller Workspace in NYC as part of the show, Enticing Luminosity”, open Mar. 16 — Apr. 20.

Swallowed Whole” is a somber, animated, experimental film about surviving extreme isolation and physical limitations as a result of traumatic injury. In this movie, Kumao creates a desolate and disorienting dreamscape as a metaphor for the deep netherworld she was thrust into when she broke her back in 2011.

Enticing Luminosity
Mar. 16 — Apr. 20
Leslie Heller Workspace
54 Orchard St., New York, NY 10002
(212) 4106120