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Grace Coudal Releases Intimately South Intimately West


Stamps undergraduate student Grace Coudal (BFA 21) has released her debut photography book, Intimately South Intimately West.

Coudal’s limited edition debut photography book, Intimately South Intimately West is a story about a deep curiosity for the unknown and an innate desire to live freely on the road. The book showcases 35mm photographs she created and excerpts from the journal entries she wrote while exploring the vast landscapes of the American Southwest on a month-long, 8,000-mile journey in a small converted Transit van with her close friend Dante Tsuzuki (BFA 20’). This trip was made possible by the Kelly McKinnell Memorial Scholarship Coudal received through the University of Michigan’s Penny Stamps School for Art & Design.

Grace Coudal seeks to tell honest stories through photography, mixed media, and creative direction, and often her work explores the topics of intimacy and identity. She is a Chicago artist currently in her last year at the University of Michigan pursuing a BFA in Art and Design and a minor in Sexuality & LGBTQ+ Studies.

Purchase her book and find more of her work via her website grace​coudal​.com.