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Gisela McDaniel Featured in Artsy


Gisela McDaniel (BFA​19) is featured in a recent profile on Artsy by Nimco Kulmiye Hussein. The article discusses McDaniel’s life and heritage, her Detroit-based practice, and the work featured in Manhaga Fu’una, a recent solo exhibition at Pilar Corrias in London. 

Stories of resistance and resilience are made dazzlingly visible in Gisela McDaniels body of work. Her portraits of Black, Indigenous, women of color, and nonbinary people embody mutual trust and understanding. Lounging seated or otherwise comfortably, everyone in McDaniel’s paintings is portrayed full of intricacies. Harnessing her own experiences as an Indigenous CHamoru artist, McDaniel introduces new sensibilities to her sitters with a calm yet strong flair, manifesting through vivid strokes, shimmering details, and the presence of those close to her.

Gisela McDaniel Paints Dazzling Portraits of Indigenous Resilience | Artsy​.net