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Gail Rosenbloom-Kaplan: Finalist in the Brillo 15 Minutes of Fame Contest

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Gail Rosenbloom-Kaplan (BFA 1976) has been chosen as a finalist in the Brillo 15 Minutes of Fame Contest.

This sculpture, comprised of 12 cubes, is designed as a puzzle than can be assembled as an abstract sculpture or into the six different images used in the advertising of Brillo over past 100 years. The sculpture was a finalist in the Brillo 15 Minutes of Fame Contest,” sponsored in conjunction with the Andy Warhol Museum in celebration of the 100th anniversary of Brillo. Sand Art Portraits Portraits have been an art form employed by artists since the dawn of civilization. They have evolved from near-photographic objective representations of people to subjective interpretations of the unique characteristics and attributes of the subject being portrayed. The collection of Sand Art Portraits in this exhibit uses as its subject matter iconic interpretations of portraiture. Gail Rosenbloom Kaplan pays homage to these original pieces through her own original body of work, interpreting and recreating these portraits in her chosen medium of sand art.