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Gabriella Boros: ‘Esh: Sanctity in Fire’ Acquired by U-M Libraries

8 Esh a Boros

Esh: Sanctity in Fire, a handbound book that collects 18 prints of passages from a variety of Judaic sources (Torah, Mishna, etc.) illustrating the importance of fire in Judaism by Gabriella Boros (BFA 1983), has been acquired by the Special Collections Library of the University of Michigan. 

Fire is explored from the cosmic through the personal, both destructive and creative in its force. Boros uses her trademark woodblock prints to illustrate the ancient texts. The paper for the woodblock prints was commissioned by Gabriella to an Israeli papermaker and the text is printed on kozoshi paper which is translucent and shows the woodblock image beneath. The endeavor took the better part of a year to complete.