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Exhibition: Terrence Campagna


Exhibition Dates: September 4 — October 172013 
Artist’s Reception/Artist’s Talk:: October 16, 4:30 – 6:30
University of Wisconsin-Parkside Gallery
Kenosha, WI

Terrence Campagnas (BFA 1999) exhibition On the Surface of the Midwest: Recent Field Work is comprised of large wall hangings made from materials the artist finds in his surroundings, usually as he is walking. Sometimes he takes cross-country walks to generate his artwork. But he often finds materials during his daily walks through the neighborhoods where he lives. I bring what I find back to my studio and start to slowly join together and edit my findings. What’s important to me about walking is how it can root me in my body and connects me to place. When I walk my feet are touching the ground. I’m breathing in the changing air and feeling the light enter my eyes and skin. Visually, I’m taking in all the textures in my surroundings and I’m listening to whatever may be going on around and within me. I’m also intuitively feeling out what direction I want to go and where I want to stop to listen or what I’m drawn to collect and take back to the workshop.”