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Erika Cross: Best in Show at NYCxDesign Awards

Erika Cross Studio Step Thumbnail

Stamps alumna Erika Cross (BFA 11) received Best in Show at the 2020 NYCxDe­sign Awards for Step, a mod­ern cof­fee table with indus­trial inspi­ra­tion. These awards, pre­sented by Inte­rior Design and spon­sored by ICFF, were part of New York’s annual Design Week. The table was sched­uled for exhi­bi­tion at Wanted­De­sign Man­hat­tan, as part of the Launch­Pad col­lec­tion. As events were moved from phys­i­cal to vir­tual spaces due to the pan­demic, the NYCxDe­sign Awards were pre­sented in a live-streamed cer­e­mony on May 18.

Step: a cof­fee table inspired by tools found in the work­shop. Step blocks are sim­ple mechan­i­cal devices for clamp­ing and hold­ing. This new Step con­sists of two pieces, a wedge and a cylin­der. They can be arranged with either one on top. Whichever way is up, ridges on the mat­ing sur­faces allow the over­all height to be adjusted.

Moti­vated by the desire to ele­vate ordi­nary objects and famil­iar forms into unex­pected delights, Erika inves­ti­gates the rela­tion­ships between object, scale, and user. Her aes­thetic fuses sculp­tural forms with util­i­tar­ian func­tion­al­ity. Work­ing at the inter­sec­tion of prod­uct and process, she has a hands-on approach to design. The work­shop becomes the source and site of her cre­ative energy; both library and lab­o­ra­tory. Using research, intu­ition, expe­ri­ence, and exper­i­ment, Erika pur­pose­fully chal­lenges lim­i­ta­tions to develop inno­v­a­tive meth­ods and objects.

Born in Michi­gan, Erika is the founder of Erika Cross Stu­dio. She received an MFA in Design Prod­ucts from the Royal Col­lege of Art in 2014. Prior to that she stud­ied simul­ta­ne­ously at two uni­ver­si­ties, earn­ing a BFA in Art and Design from the Uni­ver­sity of Michi­gan in 2011, and a BS in Inte­rior Design at East­ern Michi­gan Uni­ver­sity in 2012.

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