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Erica Fink: eric + erica Releases EP


Erica Fink Releases her first EP with her Oakland, CA based Indie- Pop band, eric + erica

Oakland, CA based Indie- Pop duo, eric + erica released their first EP last week. e + e embrace the non-musical parts of the band with equal passion and artistic care. They hand paint all their fliers and CD sleeves, and scrawl their show information on their bodies in permanent marker to make promotional videos; they are just as likely to host a lavishly decorated Easter Brunch show at a neighborhood bar or play a back porch in the woods as a local café or traditional venue; they document and share their creative process in videos that highlight their playfulness and learning process blunders as much as the final artifact. Each gesture – be it a sound choice, or how a stage is decorated – is aimed at creating a unique, loving and inviting experience.