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Enter to Win Free Tickets: FK Alexander + Okishima Island Tourist Association

FK Alexander 1920x1080 by Jannica Honey Photography 2
Image: Jannica Honey Photography 2 

Stamps Gallery is a proud venue partner for the UMS presentation of (I Could Go On Singing) Over the Rainbow by performance artist FK Alexander and Okishima Island Tourist Association, January 26 — February 3 at Stamps Gallery (201 S. Division).

There will be a free performance on Monday, January 29 at 7 pm, but seating is limited: to win, you must register for our ticket lottery (up to four tickets per person) by 11:59 pm on Tuesday, January 23. Attendees must consent to be filmed, as this event will also be livestreamed. Lottery winners will be notified via email no later than Thursday, January 25. Limit four tickets per registration.

About the Performance 

In a unique individual moment of undivided love and attention, FK Alexander takes your hand, fixes your gaze, and sings to you alongside a distorted recording of Judy Garland’s final recording of Over the Rainbow,” played through a wall of noise by the abrasive Glasgow-based noise band Okishima Island Tourist Association.

Other Ways to Watch

On Monday, January 29, UMS will host a livestream party in Detroit for this performance at Light Box Performance Space (8641 Linwood Street, Detroit) from 7 – 8:30 pm. This free event is open to the public. No registration is required.

Tickets to additional January 26-February 3 performances of (I Could Go On Singing) Over the Rainbow at Stamps Gallery can be purchased online or at the Michigan League Ticket Office.