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Endi Poskovic Lectures at University of Bihac, Bosnia

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Endi Poskovic is a guest faculty at the University of Bihac, Bosnia and Herzegovina, where he will conduct an intensive 5‑day workshop Body Extension (material exploration as a language engine) modeled on his Methods of Inquiry class taught at Stamps. Poskovic will also present The Abstraction of Image and the Paradox of Memory, a lecture about his work and practice.

Supported by ERSTE Foundation and implemented by WUS (World University Service) Austria, PATTERNS Lectures 2016/2017 is a series of short courses in the fields of artistic research, art history, cultural theory and cultural studies offered at universities in emerging democracies in Southeastern Europe. The fourth edition (2016÷2017) of this program focuses on new artistic and activist practices, new social movements and their significance for the recent cultural history in Central and South Eastern Europe, Bosnia and Herzegovina, where Poskovic is originally from. 

The PATTERNS Lectures program stresses critical methodology as well as innovative and interactive teaching practices. It encourages international academic exchange by enabling lecturers to go on study visits and offer guest lectures by international colleagues.

Design and Crisis, a series of workshops and short courses offered through the University of Bihac, Department of Textile Design, aims to detect, analyze and catalogue design practices in post-socialist, post-industrial, and post-conflict former Yugoslav republics (present-day countries) with a particular focus on Bosnia and Herzegovina. By developing awareness about regional design history and formulating critical questions in local social and cultural contexts, the course pays attention to inventive and successful design projects from 1989 onward, but also brings all Yugoslav countries’ transition from an industrial environment to one shaped by crisis.

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